Time To Make Time: 30 Reasons You Should Have More Sex

couple kissing in convertible

There are many reasons people give to skip sex. A headache might be preventing them from getting in the mood, perhaps they aren't feeling the person who is propositioning them, or maybe they don't have any protection. Well, although all of those things might be against youm there are plenty of reasons you should be having more sex, and you may be surprised by how it can benefit you.

For example if you aren't sleeping well, or have high blood pressure, or are in physical pain then you should take a tumble in the sack with someone. Why? It's been proven that sex helps with all these things — and can better your health.

Need more reasons to try harder to get in the mood, or convince your partner to make more time to be intimate? Click the link below for the full list of reasons to have more sex.

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