6 Weird Beauty Treatments We Dare You To Try


While the exact location for the fountain of youth is still unknown, women — and some men — all over the world regularly seek out some of the strangest beauty treatments in the name of staying young and beautiful.

And as the standard of beauty continues to evolve, so does the industry. People are driven to not only maintain what they've been blessed with, but to turn back the hands of time — even if it means slathering your person with the most disgusting substances known to man.

We all grew up hearing 'beauty is pain', but does it have to be strange too? Considering these six unconventional beauty treatments, they just might be.

Flame Facial
Who doesn't want to look hot? Going the literal route, how about setting your face ablaze with a Flame Facial?

Although this procedure hasn't quite hit American soil just yet, women in Asia are seeking these facials where a towel is soaked in an alcohol mixture, applied to a wrapped face and then set afire. This 9-alarm facial is supposed to make your complexion brighter, and your skin feel tighter.

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