Model Comes Out As Transgender, Urges The World To Think

Geena Rocero wants you to live your truth, openly and without fear.


"I was assigned 'boy' at birth based on the appearance of my genitalia," reveals Filipina model Geena Rocero in her March TED Talk. Striking words from a female model who has been working with very few people knowing her life story. And it's incredibly inspiring!

"Some people have the courage to break free — not to accept the limitations imposed by the color of their skin or the beliefs by those that surround them. Those people are always the threat to the status quo."


Even though she was assigned to the male gender at birth, she always knew her true identity. She always knew she was a girl. In her TED Talk (VIDEO below), she discusses the true, fluid nature of gender. Asian culture, she mentions, accepts and celebrates the fluidity of gender.

Thankfully, Geena's family is supportive of her true identity and her decision to live — happily! — as a woman. But, she notes, many people are not as lucky. Geena's decision to come out as transgender stems from the recent stories of bullying and suicide within the transgender community.

Watch Geena stand up to her community in her amazing TED Talk to learn a thing or two about our societal perception of gender.