12 Sets Of Pajamas To Snuggle In With Your Sweetie

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We know, we know: Spring is that season where you're supposed to feel newly inspired to spend your whole weekend outdoors. It's time to hit up museums, take long walks in the park and hit the farmer's market for fresh produce.

And yet. We feel totally fine with hitting snooze on that plan and spending some blissfully sedentary weekends around the house drinking coffee, reading, doing the Times crossword and relaxing ... indoors. For this, we obviously need really cute pajamas.

Thanks to brands like Equipment and Sleepy Jones, classic pajama sets are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Piped button down shirts and matching pants or shorts are cropping up in pretty florals, seasonal pastels and traditional end-on-end cotton. Or, you can opt to eschew the pants altogether and hang out in a tunic-length sleeping shirt or sweet little playsuit.

So next time your friends or roommates suggest a busy Saturday of errands, brunching, or shopping — just say no. Turn your bed into a game room, restaurant, movie theater and reading room. Set up a healthy meal delivery service for the weekend and convince them to relax stylishly in some cute pajamas. We promise it won't be a tough sell.

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