What To Do When Your Boyfriend Won't Tell Other Women He's Taken

Why won't he just tell them he is in a committed relationship?

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You may have been there before. You're finally in a relationship with a guy you had been dating casually for a while. Now that you both have put an official label on things you would expect any outside competition would be erased, right? It hasn't, or worse, the competition is heightened. Partially because your man isn't discouraging others by simply saying he's taken. So what should you do? A College Candy reader turns in her similar situation.


Dear Dude,

I have a dilemma. I have a boyfriend of 8 months who dated a lot of girls before me. He gets texts from them all the time and is open with me, and I appreciate it. But he either responds in a nice manner OR just doesn't reply and of course the girls keep it going. It will be texts like getting invited to go out or lunch, etc. Why won't he just tell them he is in a committed relationship rather than ignoring them and having these desperate girls text him over and over?

When I get texts from any man other than for business reasons, that's the first thing I say — I have a great boyfriend and am committed to our relationship.


I got a man

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