The 5 Rules For Hookups When You're A Single Parent

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From one single mom to another, I totally understand your, ahem, physical urges to connect with an adult and not just your vibrator. I also know from experience that dating as a single parent is the calculus I got a D in, in high school — it's absurd. Where do you meet someone? Do you have a sitter? How much does the sitter cost? Like you have time to date. And those are just a few roadblocks when it comes to single parent dating. So what's a single mom to do? Shy readers, stop reading...

Get a friend with benefits. But follow these rules if you want to have fun and eat your cake too!

1. Don't introduce your child
HE ISN'T YOUR BOYFRIEND — he's your boy toy (and that's a hot thing, ladies!). There is no reason for your kid to get to know him because he's for you! You're not going on a family trip to the zoo, or watching Cars together. He's slipping in when your kid is fast asleep for a midnight romp, or you're meeting him on your lunch break for some invigorating out of the ordinary day sex (try it!). Be clear with yourself and your guy — you're FWB — he's not your kid's friend!

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