Oh, Baby! 10 Shower Gifts Any Expectant Mom Would Love

Stand out from all the onesies.

baby shower

Baby shower season is here. As the ice melts and flowers bloom, the celebrations begin. Morning brunches, afternoon teas and evening cocktails are just a few ways that expectant parents and their loved ones gather to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one. After the cake has been cut and the drinks have been poured, it's time to dive into the gifts.

But even though you may have a baby of your own, it can be tough to figure out what to buy for another new mom. Do they already have a Diaper Genie? Do they prefer pastels, or would they rather go with gender-neutral baby clothes?


Are they all set with baby gear? And most importantly, what can I give that's unique and special and will stand out from all the onesies? We've done the legwork and come up with 10 truly unique baby gifts that we would be thrilled to receive.

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