Why A Super Bowl Party Is The Worst Place To Score A Date

A new survey from It's Just Lunch reveals The Big Game is not The Game Of Love.

Two men watch football with woman in the background

Ladies, if you've been putting a lot of thought into your Super Bowl party outfit in hopes to impress a new guy, don't waste your time! 

A new survey from It's Just Lunch, a dating service for busy professionals, talked to 1,400 singles and found that your Super Bowl party is not a good opportunity for new romance.

While the Big Game is a huge social event, filled with beer, food and fans, don't expect to get your flirt on. Here's why.


1. Men Want To Focus On The Game, Not Love
This is pretty predictable, but could easily be forgotten by people who aren't that interested in the actual game. Even though you will find many men at the bars, parties, and other social events, you won't find them being very social. In fact, 45 percent of men said the game will be the highlight of the night — versus women who are more excited about socializing. Save your best pickup line for next weekend.

2. Women Are Focused On The Halftime Show, Not Love
During halftime, 42 percent of men take the break to grab some grub and chat. But they're not chatting with the ladies. This is the time when 45 percent of women are more focused on the television. How is anyone supposed to get to know each other if they're glued to the TV at different times? Well, they won't.


3. Men Don't Want To Talk About Football
Even though 36 percent of women brush up on the teams before the game, only 27 percent of men would even think of striking up a conversation with a woman who is knowledgeable about the sport. Didn't study beforehand? Well, that's still not getting you anywhere either because only 17 percent of men would want to take the time to teach you anything about it. Woof.

4. Everyone Is Too Busy Drooling Over Peyton — Including The Fellas
This may not surprise anyone, but when asked which player they'd want to have lunch with 71 percent of women picked Peyton Manning, along with 75 percent of men. Yes, the guys love him more than you do!

However, if you're in a relationship, you have a good chance of going to the Super Bowl. The study found that if they scored tickets to the game, 53 percent of men would bring their significant other as a guest over friends and family, and 55 percent of women would do the same. 

So you might not score a date this Sunday, but with the Oscars and Valentine's Day ahead, February will be filled with more social events, more chances to mingle and more opportunities to wear that flirty outfit.


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