Caught In The Act: Cops Found Doing The Deed On Duty

To make matters worse, they were trespassing too!

female and male cop in cop car

Sex in the workplace or during work hours can be thrilling (and seems to be popular), but it's surely a risk. Two cops decided to take a chance, and got caught by a few unsuspecting guests.

On Dec. 30 two police officers were caught having way too much fun on duty by two unsuspecting people in a cottage in East Hampton, N.Y. The two officers are unnamed, but we know a 31-year-old patrolman and a 20-year-old female who works part-time as a traffic control officer were involved.


They could have slummed it by doing it in a cop car, or getting a dingy motel room. Instead, the two trespassed into the upscale cottage of interior designer, J. Aurthur Dunnam, for whom the female traffic control officer worked for as a maid. While having fun, the two were found by guests who were invited to stay at the beautiful cottage for New Year's. When the guests caught the two in the act they were able to leave unnoticed and report them to the East Hampton Village station house.

Find out how the cops are being reprimanded here: East Hampton Cops Caught Having Sex In Swank East Hampton Home


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