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5 Winter Date Night Looks Guys Love

winter couple

The chilly air maybe keeping you bundled up this season, but it makes it harder to pick a cute outfit for a date night. We already know what guys don't like (ahem, Uggs), but what pieces of clothing are hot in the colder months?

So what exactly are men looking for during this time of year? Here are a few answers from some savvy men.


You may be putting on the layers now in order to keep the body heat in, but some men really want to see your body in tighter clothes. Lucky for you, these tighter clothes they're talking about are comfy and casual. Hands down, the fellas really love your leggings.

The number one reason why? "They're sexy" said Michael, 34.

Andrew, 27, agrees, adding he enjoys the "tightness." As for material, he prefers the faux-leather ones.

And, it turns out, they like them just as much as your nicest dress. "Obviously a nice dress always get the job done, but I do enjoy when a girl wears leggings. Its a simple touch that goes along way in my book," says Jon, 26.

Classy Coats
You can still be warm and be alluring with awesome outwear like a classy coat. What kind of coat? Well men seem to be into two specific kinds.

"Black coats! They are warm, sleek and sliming too," said Shraga, 22

Style is important, too. It looks like men are digging the Olivia Pope-style.

"I think a peacoat on a woman is attractive. Not only does it keep you warm but its also fashionably acceptable for the winter," Dayquan T, 22.

Guys assured us they wanted their dates to stay warm. One way to do it and stay cute? Scarves.

"Take advantage of wearing scarves, one, because they look good and two, it makes dates last longer if you want to be outside." Chadwick, 23

"I really dig scarves ... they're sophisticated and practical. They don't need to be fancy or expensive to look nice," says Jake, 26.

Sweater Dresses
What's sexier than a woman in leggings? According to the guys, it's a sweater dress over leggings. Who knew?

"When girls wear sweater dresses over leggings, their bodies always look fantastic. Sweater dresses hug all their features in a perfect way," explains Chris, 26.

Alex, 26, completely agrees. "A sweater dress with black leggings that still accentuates some of her curves is the perfect winter look."

Anything Practical
Guys previous expressed to us how ridiculous they think it is to see a woman freezing her butt off in a short dress and heels in the snow. Instead, they'd rather you be comfortable and for their date with you to proceed without any hiccups.

Josh, 21, explains why he loves low-maintenance style. "I don't want a date that needs me to be checking on her every second or doing things for her every second. And I guess a simple outfit conveys that kind of attitude.” Josh M. 21.

Brendan, 22, who loves women in leggings, boots and either a sweater or coat, sums it up by saying: "When it comes to record-setting lows, as a man, I say wear what you have to stay warm screw what we think."