Brazilian College Student Auctions Off Her Virginity AGAIN

Catarina Migloiorini

There is once in a blue moon where a story comes along that is just so crazy that it makes you really think about where things like dating and sex are heading.

But they've undoubtedly been outdone by a young woman who is auctioning off her virginity not for the first time — but for the third time!

You may have heard a story over a year ago about Catarina Migloiorini. The Brazilian college student was auctioning off her virginity online and was offered $780,000 to do the dirty by a Japanese millionaire. They met, they hooked up, and she attempted to sell her virginity again afterwards using a website called The reason she gave for putting her virginity back on the auction block may surprise you!

Oh and if you aren't already raising your eyebrows at this, then just wait. Catarina is extending her third auction not only to hold out for the best offer, but it seems like a wealthy bidder wants to buy something else from her.

Find out what the rich bidder is asking for here: This girl is auctioning off her virginity… again (15 Photos)

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