12 Signs Your Phone Is Your Boyfriend

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What do women really want? Well, according to a new survey published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, their cell phones. Young women spend an average of 10 hours a day on their cell phones. 10 hours?! What on earth are you doing?

Well, for exactly 94.6 minutes a day, you're texting. Then, you're emailing (48.5 minutes), Facebook-ing (38.6 minutes), browsing the web (34.4 minutes) and rocking out to music (26.9 minutes). 

And, last year, it was discovered that half of women would rather give up sex for a month than lose their phones for that long. It sounds outrageous, but let's be honest — we all know more than a few people who are positively glued to their phones (you might even be one of them!).

Want to know if you're in deep with your own handheld boyfriend? Here are a few surefire signs.

Even When You're Sleeping Next To Someone, Your iPhone Sleeps Closer To You
Sure, it makes sense to have your phone near where you rest so you can wake up to your alarm in the morning, but isn’t it a little odd to give your technology its own pillow?

You Go Shopping For Its Presents All The Time.
New apps, new cases, new music, you're all about pampering your honeypie. Except your honeypie is a phone, and you're spending more money on it this holiday season than the rest of your loved ones.

You Check On It Constantly, Even When It Hasn't Buzzed ... Just To Make Sure It's Okay.
Many people experience "phantom vibrations," but when you find yourself perpetually looking at your phone even when there hasn't been a single indication there is something new to look at, it's time to separate from it.

You Only Leave The House So You Have Something To Instagram.
Instagram's fun, but when you're more excited about Instagram notifications than having a reason to actually take a picture and share it, that's a sign you're a little too attached.

It Feels Like A Date When You Watch A Movie On Your Phone.
Don't forget to share the popcorn with Mr. iOS7! He's a fickle one.

You Panic When You're Apart.
Oh dear — it's that horrible dread you get when you realize you've left your phone at home. What ever will you do? How will you know who's started following you on Twitter? When will you manage to beat Level 103 of Candy Crush? (Answer: When you get home!)

You Get Annoyed When People Interrupt Your Phone-Time At Parties.
You know that one couple who only talks to each other at every party? That is you, except you’re on Facebook.

You Take Selfies With Your Phone Via Other People's Phones.
It’s not enough to just take selfies using your phone; you need to document yourself with your phone's sexy brand new case.

And Even Though You Always Pretend You'll Do Cool Stuff Together, You Wind Up Just Looking At Photos Of Cats.
And that's something you're both okay with.

Progressing Your Relationship Has Gotten Time-Consuming.
What with all the constant updating and the occasional freezeouts where nothing seems to work between the two of you, this relationship has become more stress than you thought it would. You find yourself crowdsourcing friends and family for their best advice.

You Get Furious When Your Phone Runs Out Of Battery
How could you? When I needed you most ...

But No Matter How Angry You Get, This Still Gives You Butterflies
Each and every time.