'Fifty Shades' Friday: Catch Up On The Week's Biggest News!

This week's 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' movie scoop: bikes, a baby and dancing! Get the details.

Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie

It's been a drama-filled Fifty Shades Of Grey week, but in the best way! The cast was full of good news, not just for us, but for themselves as well.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were spotted in all their Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey glory getting cozy while filming scenes—although Johnson was almost hit by a rogue bicyclist. Yikes! Sounds awful until you remember (spoiler alert!) that Christian rescues Ana and they fall in love. Aww.


That "aww" turned into a swift "ow!" this week, too—these scenes were shot just mere days after Johnson and Dornan were rumored to have shot the infamous Red Room Of Pain love scenes from the book. You know, those scenes that everyone talks about all the time. (We're surprised they were able to keep the details under wraps. That set must have one helluva confidentiality agreement!)

Between scenes, Johnson and Dornan were reportedly "playful," picking up a game of trashketball (Dornan won) and Johnson juggled ... or tried to, because she apparently dropped everything in her hands. They were also seen dancing, but sources say that wasn't for a scene: Dornan and Johnson were just trying to keep warm in the Vancouver winter temps!


More set scoop? Victor Rasuk, who plays Jose, was also spotted on set. It's getting closer!

But the biggest Fifty Shades scoop revealed this week? Jamie Dornan is a dad! He and wife Amelia Warner welcomed a baby girl. Her name hasn't been revealed, but she graced the world at the end of November. Congrats!

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