Want Hotter Sex? Let Beyoncé Be Your Between-The-Sheets Guru

All hail Queen Bey!


She's no longer a diva. She's past that stage now. Beyoncé (or Yoncé) has transcended the constraining labels us mere mortals have tried to ascribe to her and has entered into a completely different realm of art, expression and stardom. The emblematic superstar's latest release set the internet ablaze and has galvanized her fan base in a way, reticent of the late Michael Jackson. This is the league she's in now, and one could certainly argue she’s just getting warmed up.


As more interested folks scurry to dissect the unconventional nature of the release and discuss her rankings in the hierarchy of music greats, what I found most fascinating about her 14 songs and 17 videos is the freedom of sexuality and the championing of womanhood. Beyond Destiny's Child, beyond Sasha Fierce, and now into this new project, I see a Beyoncé who's more fearless than ever, more in control, more confident. She has thrown two middle fingers up to any box which might be audacious enough to "try" and contain her.

There's much to be learned from watching her.

As I watched video after video, song after song, I, like all others, had been made privy to the lessons in love, specifically sex. That's right.


In an almost effortless fashion, Queen Bey gave us her version of the Blueprint. I took the liberty of extracting them for easy consumption. Below are the 7 ways listening to Beyoncé can improve your sex life.

1. Confidence.
Sex is always better when both parties are sexually confident. Any person, man, woman, gay, transgender, etc. can learn a thing or two from Mrs. Carter. She exudes confidence in her music, her videos, and her live performances. She is a sexual being in all of these areas who is seemingly unconcerned with labels, expectations, or opinions. That's sexy. The next time you and your partner are about to turn up the heat, be sure to channel the spirit of Beyoncé and express your sexual vigor with confidence.

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