Weighty Issue: Are You At Risk Of The Morning-After Pill Failing?

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There is already so much pressure on women to lose weight, but now the pressure could come from emergency contraception.

If you are above a specific weight then Plan B One-Step contraception will not be effective for you, according to the maker of the European version that uses the same active ingredient, levonorgestrel. The manufacturer announced in late November the surprising news and it's leading to major changes. In Europe they are much stricter on labeling and restricting ingredients when it comes to drugs and food, so luckily they will be labeling the limits on the drug. In the US, however, many could be left unaware that the contraception won't work for them.

According to Contraception in 2011, obese women have a three times higher risk of getting pregnant. France has been ahead of the curve by putting a clear warning on the label that women over a certain weight will miss out on the effectiveness on the drug as birth control.

What about the US you may ask? Well, it turns out the weight restriction of the drug cuts off the average weight of American woman that is the age 20 years and over!

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