6 Ways Love Changes After 10 Years Of Marriage

Marriage: How Love Changes After 10 Years Together

Everyone talks about how you should cherish the newlywed stage of your marriage because once life goes on things get harder. But are they right? We have seen the trope on many sitcoms where the wife just wants to be left alone, the husband is sex-starved, and they are usually bickering.

Does this mean that after 10 years your spicy love life will become flat? 

After 10 years, kids and careers can really wear on a marriage, but it turns out that the kissing, happy newlyweds may not be happier than a couple that has already grown accustomed to each other's annoying habits, temperaments, and more. In fact, a wife that has made it to the tenth anniversary reveals on The Stir, the six changes of the little things, like chores, to the big things (like sex) that occur between a married couple after celebrating a decade together.

Will you still be fighting over groceries? Will the sex still be hot and often? What fears will appear and disappear after all that time together?

Find out the answers and whether it will be for the better at The Stir: Marriage Then & Now: How 10 Years Together Looks Compared To Just 1

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