25 Signs You're Obsessed With 'Revenge'

TV Love: 25 Signs You're Obsessed With 'Revenge'

Is Sunday night your absolute favorite part of the weekend? For the past two years, have Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross basically become part of the family? And—admit it—do you have an addiction to getting even?

Here are 25 signs that it might be time for a Revenge intervention:


Your first thought in the morning:

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Sunday night anxiety? Not for you; you never even think about the fact that you have work again in the morning:


Revenge is the best show in the world, so you're not phased when people judge your taste:

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Anytime Victoria opens her mouth:


You wish that you could look as classy as Emily Thorne when you drink:


But this is what you actually look like:


You just want Nolan to find true love and live happily ever after:


Speaking of Nolan, the one time he found true love, they killed her off the show and you couldn't even handle it:


When Aiden came back this season, you were like:

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Even though she doesn't even like Daniel, you were irate when he cheated on Emily:


Every time Jack tries to get involved:


You've been preparing for revenge on those high school bitches for quite some time now:

When you saw Emily floating in the ocean at the beginning of the season:


You don't understand why your family even attempts to contact you on Sunday nights:


You've been wondering what ever happened to The Initiative, considering they were behind everything and then suddenly disappeared:

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When Emily and Victoria teamed up to get rid of Ashley:


But now they are bringing Lydia back on the show:

Emily has been particularly sloppy on her revenge plans this season and it's been annoying you:


You've secretly Googled Joshua Bowman to make sure that he's of legal age because of your major crush on Daniel:


Every time Emily takes another person on the list out:

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You've planned a watch party for the wedding episode:


You've started planning what your life living in the Hamptons would look like:


When they announced that starting in March the show won't air on Sundays until 10 p.m.:


And ever since you've been wondering how Once Upon a Time is still on at 8 p.m.:


Finally, you are fully prepared to riot if anything should happen to Nolan: