Nick Lachey Couldn't Get Any Cuter ... Then He Became A Dad

Exclusive! "We do want more kids," Nick tells YourTango.

Parenting: Nick Lachey On Expanding His Family With Wife Vanessa

For years, Nick Lachey spent his nights singing to thousands of screaming girls as part of the chart-topping boy band 98 Degrees.

But lately, The Sing-Off host has been crooning to a much smaller audience — his one-year-old son, Camden.

Cue the awws! We sat down with Nick Lachey to discuss what he loves most about being a dad ... and if any more kids are in his future with wife Vanessa Lachey.

YourTango: You recently said you're not ready for baby no. 2 any time soon, but should you and Vanessa decide to expand your family, are you hoping for a brother or sister for Camden?
Nick Lachey: I have no expectations of what baby no. 2 will be, nor do I have any hope or dreams either way. I think as a father, it's cool to have a son — obviously, we've already taken care of that part — so whatever comes for no. 2 is a welcome addition to the family. Although I say that's not going to happen any day imminently, we do want more kids. So, if and when that day does happen, I'm sure we'll be ecstatic with a boy or girl.


YourTango: Is there a lot of a cappella singing in your home, especially now that you have a little one? 
Nick Lachey: Music, in general, is big in our home; I'm a musician, and my wife is a passionate lover of music — worked at MTV for so many years — so there's constantly music on in our house. We sing to Camden every time we put him down for a nap or put him down for the night. So, yes, technically, there's a little a cappella happening in our house every day, usually in the lullaby form, but it is happening every day.

YourTango: What is Camden's favorite lullaby?
Nick Lachey: I'd like to think it's one of the ones I wrote for him. I did a lullaby record for him that came out this year called Father's Lullaby, and there's a song on there called "Sleepy Eyes" that was one I kind of wrote while he was still in the womb ... that's the one I sing to him every day before he goes down.


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