A Bisexual Woman's Take: 6 Differences Between Dating Men & Women

Birth control, catcalls and more major differences between gay and straight dating.

Bisexuality: The Differences Between Gay & Straight Dating

We know there's plenty of differences between gay and straight dating. But what about when you're doing both? How is dating men different from dating women? How do dates, health and your sex life change?

As a bisexual woman, Camille Guillot gets asked all sorts of questions about her relationships. From "How do girls have sex?" to "Are girls or guys more satisfying?", she explains that the real differences between gay and straight dating actually come from people’s expectations and responses. 


From her parents' reactions to new partners to her body image, which is much healthier when she's with a woman, here are some of the biggest differences she's experienced between gay and straight dating. 

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