Why Holly Madison Hopes Daughter Rainbow Isn't Like Her

Holly Madison doesn't want her daughter to follow in all of her footsteps.

Parenting: Why Holly Madison Hopes Daughter Isn't Like Her

With a name like Rainbow, we're not surprised Holly Madison's little girl is so pleasant. 

"Rainbow is an amazing, easy baby," the newlywed and new mom gushes. "I got really lucky! I love her so much and she has inspired me to slow down and enjoy life in the moment."

Although she's only 8 months old, Holly's already envisioning Rainbow's angsty years. "I bet Rainbow will be semi embarrassed of me and want to be totally different. Isn't that how it works with teenagers [laughs]?"


Truth be told, Holly's hoping her baby bestie doesn't grow up wanting to be as, err, enhanced as her famous momma. KEEP READING: Holly Madison On Baby Rainbow, Plastic Surgery & Losing The Baby Weight

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