Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas Take The Next Step!

Love: Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas Take The Next Step!

Things continue to heat up for Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas!

The Ginger Prince, 29, took the plunge ... but he didn't pop the question. Yet. He did, however, bring Bonas, 24, along to his family's Sandringham Estate for a hunting trip. Why is this such a big deal?

Because it means that Bonas is meeting the family—although the Queen didn't tag along this time. Harry's big brother, Prince William, took now-wife Kate Middleton to the estate a few times before finally proposing in November 2010.

"She's now part of Harry's inner sanctum," a source revealed. "The fact that she's been to Sandringham on numerous occasions proves that she's been welcomed into fold. She's a lovely girl and everyone is hoping they go the distance."

Harry's been to Bonas' family estates as well, with sources saying that her brood has "taken him under their wing." Right, like he needed the help! Still, isn't it sweet?

Royal insiders previously said that Bonas is probably The One for Harry. "He loves her—they're so compatible," a source close to the couple dished. "Cressie is very laid-back and he likes that. If all goes well, I'm 100 percent sure they'll be engaged next year."

We bet Bonas hopes that's true, too, because reports say she gave up her dancing career to be with the Prince. She didn't want the speculation to interfere with her stage dancing, so the British socialite took a gig as a personal assistant ... that is, until she becomes a princess.


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