8 Frightening Texts From Online Dates

Ever regret giving out your digits to an online match? These people definitely did!

Online dating nightmare

He looks normal. He acts normal. You guys are totally hitting it off. So you give him your number. . .and then, you deeply regret it.

Whether they’re over-eager, obnoxious or downright creepy, there are a lot ways your online date can ruin his chances with a strange text.

"It is incredible how often I hear crazy text message stories from friends and perfect strangers alike when explaining my business," says John Skorick, founder of MyAKA, which provides a second phone number to give to new dating prospects.


Naturally, we have got a whole lot of examples for these "what is wrong with him?" moments. . . Read on.

1. "We went on two dates together and he immediately got very obsessive, but I wasn't into him. I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore and he acted weird about the whole thing (he asked me if we could just hang out and kiss and not be boyfriend and girlfriend in those exact words). He then proceeded to text me randomly for a full year afterwards." - JB


2. "First text he sent." - MA

3. No, just no.

Source: Melany's GUYdlines


4. After a date she wished she never went on, a Cleveland woman was left with a few missed calls from her online match. Oh, and this ... 

Source: MICD

5. Hey, online daters can be impatient.
"This is all within the span of approximately one hour." - SE


6. Don't bring up boobs, please.
"This is from a guy I met on OKCupid years ago before I met my boyfriend. He recently added me on Facebook and started this conversation. . .after I informed him I am dating someone. It was very awkward." - OK

7. "Well, here's one way to shut it down before you meet ..." 

(source: NathanielBoggess)


8. It only takes one day.
"So I was on Match.com for one day and this guy and I were chatting. He seemed normal so I gave him my number. We were texting back and forth when he told me he was coming down to my town to swim. He then revealed to me that he was skinny dipping and I didn't respond. He texted me again saying the same thing. When I didn't respond he sent me this text!" - Chelsea

Cut off pervs, stalkers, clingers and all the other varieties of creeps when you sign up for MyAKA, a second phone line to use for online dating. With MyAKA, if someone you meet online becomes annoying or offensive, you can block them with one text. Try a free week-long trial, now.


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