How To Tell If She's Cheating On You (1950s Style) [VIDEO]

This 1950's instructional video shows you what to do if you suspect your lady of being unfaithful.

girl crying

Do you remember Alice and Timmy? They're the stars of the smash hit Facebook Manners And You. This time around, another misunderstanding has America's favorite anachronistic 50s couple in dire need of advice about what to do if you suspect your lover of infidelity


If you're afraid that you are the only one who is serious about going steady, you've come to the right place. Through a series of gaffs, miscues and flubs, Timmy Gordon figures out what to do when you think your lady may be committing adultery. Big thanks to for helping Timmy and Alice through this serious issue.

Rule #1: Never jump to conclusions.

You may suspect something but you currently have no evidence to prove your lady is committing adultery, so just relax and take a breath or two.

Rule #2: This one is just as important as number one. Don’t let your imagination do donuts around your hat holder. This means don’t lose your mind thinking about what your partner might be doing. All it will cause is unnecessary stress on your life and relationship.


Rule #3: If something is bugging you, talk about it as quickly as possible. Don't keep everything bottled in and expect your partner to know what's going on and read your mind.

So take a chill pill before you let your paranoia get the best of you!