Love Bytes: What He Notices First About You—A New Study Proves It

Plus, meet the woman leading the uprising against sexy costumes for Halloween.

Dating: What He Notices First About You—A New Study Proves It!

As women, we hate the idea of being objectified — especially in love. However, a new scientific study using eye-tracking technology (apparently, that's a real thing) has proven what we've been too scared to admit: what he notices on a first date with you. We're sorry to say you may not be happy with the findings. (The Stir)

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It's Halloween, also known as "sexy costume" season. (We know, we're just as sick of it as you are.) So our friends at The Daily Beast caught up with Suzanne Scoggins, the writer behind the "Take Back Halloween" movement. (The Daily Beast)  


This woman took her "abusive wife" costume a little too seriously. (And no, we weren't aware they made those either.) (Huffington Post Weird News)

Have you ever wondered about the plotholes in romantic movies? Like, why didn't Aladdin just give Jasmine the lamp to wish him into a prince again and free Genie? (Wouldn't that be a win-win?) And why is it that in Beauty And The Beast, the Beast is 21 years old (cursed for 10 years), and yet there's an adult picture "from his past" of him hanging on the wall of the West Wing? If these things bothered you as much as it did us, you'll totally relate to this post. (The Chive)

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