Exclusive! Giuliana Rancic: Ryan Seacrest Is Too Busy To Babysit!

Parenting: Giuliana Rancic On Husband Bill, Son Duke & Baby No. 2

To borrow from Rocky (and Katy Perry), Giuliana Rancic has the eye of the tiger. 

At the age of 37, Rancic announced on the Today show that she was battling breast cancer, after struggling for years to get pregnant. A double mastectomy and one baby Duke (born via a surrogate) later, Rancic is now a parent and strong supporter of, the first ever shopping and community platform that provides women with breast cancer—at every treatment phase—with all of their lifestyle needs.

Additionally, Rancic allows fellow breast cancer fighters to feel like princesses—not patients—through Fab-U-Wish. "We launched in May and already fulfilled dozens of wishes," the E! News and Giuliana and Bill star tells us. "Last weekend, for instance, we brought together two girls who didn't know each other. One [lived] in Colorado, one in Pennsylvania. Someone put them together [via Twitter], because they were both diagnosed in their 20s with breast cancer while pregnant. Their wish was to just meet in person, so we brought them to Chicago. We blew it out … RPM, dinner at our booth, shopping spree, baby shower, makeover, pampering, all of it. It was amazing."

YourTango: Looking back on your battle with breast cancer, is there one clear moment when you remember thinking, 'I could not do this without Bill'?
Giuliana Rancic:
In the middle of the night was the toughest. You wake up. You're scared shitless. I would roll over and I would see Bill. That helped me. I didn't want him to wake up but I'd be sniffling … So many women don't have a husband or boyfriend or someone to watch out for them. They have great friends during the day, but what happens at night? That kind of breaks my heart.

YourTango: You've been very lucky in love. What's your best relationship advice?
Giuliana Rancic:
You've got to be good to each other … it really comes back to respect. I was raised in a very Catholic, Italian family and it was all about respect. Don't talk badly about [your partner] the second they walk out the door; really preserve your relationship and be good to each other. Treat it like gold.

YourTango: Will there be second baby news coming soon?
Giuliana Rancic:
There's nothing yet, but hopefully there's something good soon. That first year we definitely were not ready, but now Duke's 13 months. The little guy is the best. He's like a little person. He's so fun to be with. He dances!

YourTango: Is his personality more like yours or Bill's?
Giuliana Rancic:
He can get really serious really fast, but for the most part, I think he's a lot like me. He loves to dance and have fun. He's mischievous where Bill is a little more serious. He's a mix of both of us … but Bill would say he's more like him.

YourTango: Would you freak out if you had twins next?
Giuliana Rancic:
I mean … yeah. I used to always want twins and then I had one and went, "Whoa, that was hard." I don't know how people with twins do it, but they find a way. To me, the more the merrier. So if we heard we were having twins, we'd high-five and then go, 'Oh crap. What are we going to do now?'

YourTango: Are you hoping for a girl next?
Giuliana Rancic:
Either one. I used to say girl, but then a part of me wants boy because it would be nice [for Duke] to have a sibling he can really identify with. But if we're only going to have two, I would love a girl.

YourTango: Has Duke had any famous babysitters?
Giuliana Rancic:

YourTango: Not Ryan Seacrest?
Giuliana Rancic:
Ryan's too busy! He's got better things to do.


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