The 7 Hottest Guys Of The Deep Web

Love: The 7 Hottest Guys Of The Deep Web

You may have gotten wind of last week's shutdown. No, not the government shutdown, but the shuttering of the underground website Silk Road—thanks to a rookie mistake that revealed the identity of its founder, Ross Ulbricht. Plenty of people had no idea the controversial site and its drug- and gun-peddling leader even existed. Which made us wonder, which other mysterious dudes are lurking in the Deep Web? Brace yourselves: things are about to get, we mean, sexy!

Here are the 7 hottest guys creeping on the deep web (because we know how much you love a bad boy):

Mr Fawkes
The Guy Fawkes masks (and similar ones) are a common image for Deep Webbers. When you see someone wearing one of these masks, you know two things. First, they're probably already reading your email. Second, they're mysterious, and mystery is pretty hot.

Hoodie Guy
This guy doesn't need a mask All he needs is a hood. He wears that hoodie every day, even when it's 90 degrees out. It's not just a piece of clothing, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes him a hottie.

The Dorm Roomer
He's in college He has no job. His parents pay for everything. His diet is entirely junk food. He's on the Deep Web. He's probably watching you through your computer's web cam right this instant. Wave hi!

The Groupies
These guys love building computers, playing old video games, watching Star Trek and changing your Facebook password They know more about electronics than they do socializing, but there's something pretty sexy about guy that knows how to work a circuit board.

Super Perv
We all know why this guy is here He has some weird tastes, and even on the internet, they're pretty hard to satisfy. He needs to dig deep. While he's pretty creepy, sometimes that's just what we're looking for.

Grumpy Old Men
He doesn't even know how he got here, but he's on the Deep Web He has no idea what he's doing, and it pisses him off. He's old, angry and let's face it, pretty hot.

The Potty Mouth
If you come across this guy on your Deep Web journey, you're going to hear the most vulgar combinations of words ever It will be crass, disgusting and even a little confusing, but he's a bad boy and bad boys are hot. Don't bring this one home to mom.