Love Bytes: This Couple Got The Best Anniversary Gift Ever

One Couple's Best Anniversary Gift Ever

Most of the time for their wedding anniversary, couples pull out all the stops to make each other feel appreciated and loved. But seriously, nothing could top this surprise reunion, which just so happened to occur on their wedding anniversary. (Hint: it's not the couple! They were reunited with someone they never thought they would see again!) Best of all, they caught the moment on video! Just try not to cry. This one's a tear-jerker. (Huffington Post Good News)

A haunting romantic novel, a how-to bondage book, and the long-awaited return of Bridget Jones are all part of this steamy roundup of new book releases! (TresSugar)

What's the secret to a 60-year marriage? As shown by one couple, it might have something to do with the kitchen. (Relish)

Rick Perry is not pleased about what his wife said about abortion. (The Daily Beast)

Ever been through an "endbeginning" in a relationship? Wondering what the heck that is? Click to read and find out. (eHarmony)

After countless roundups of people embarrassingly awkward engagement photos, you'd think they would learn. And yet, the photos still keep coming in. (TruTV)

With wedding bells and a romantic honeymoon getaway, the first year of your marriage would be the happiest ... but a new study just proved otherwise. So what year is it? (The Stir)

A dating tip: you probably shouldn't let him know all the creepy things you did to your Barbie doll as a kid. (Gurl)

9 of the worst ways to break up with someone. Ever break up with someone by not-so-discreetly changing your Facebook status? Not cool, man. Not cool. Check out the other worst ways of dumping someone. (Guyism.)

So you like this guy, but he flakes out every time you try to schedule plans. So when you back off, he seems to be more interested and reel you back in. So what's his deal? One guy has the answer. (A New Mode)

Cats have a weird thing for curling up in lingerie. Don't believe us? Check out this slideshow — it's full of frisky felines (happily) all tangled up in bras. (The Chive)

The sex between you and your man is great! The only issue? You're a little insecure about your plus-sized physique. But there's no need to stick to missionary forever — try out some of these sex positions made just for you! (Essence)

There seems to be a stigma when you're a woman looking to get lucky. (College Candy)

A 60s burlesque star schools us in the seductive art of undressing. (Huffington Post Weird News)

Admit it: in middle school, you were weird and left out of that awkward, drama-riddled world of middle school dating. But a new study says that you  might have dodged a bullet! (The Frisky)

This is kind of scary: new research suggests that illnesses previously thought to be long gone (like whooping cough) are making a comeback thanks to parents making one decision. (Wetpaint)

It's everyone's favorite awkward "we're-dating-but-you-won't-call-me-your-girlfriend" dance. So what gives? (A New Mode)

You think you know 90s celeb couples? Take this quiz and test your trivia skills! (Gurl)

50 best college movies ever. Relive the romantic nostalgia of Love Story, plus 49 other ultimate higher ed-based flicks. (Guyism)

Want to live until you're 100? You might want to take notes from some of these life-loving centenarians. (Spry Living)

There's an online dating site for ghosts. (Yeah, and here you thought OKCupid had some weirdos...) (The Gloss)

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