'Supernatural's Castiel Is Getting A New Lady Love Interest!

Sorry, Destiel: 'Supernatural's Castiel Gets A New Love Interest

Things aren't looking too good for 'Destiel' fans...

Fans of the CW hit Supernatural are used to meeting new characters, and the ninth season of the much adored series—which debuts Tuesday October 8 at 9 p.m. ET—is delivering yet another fresh face. But are the show's passionate fans happy with the newest addition?

In a word: No.

According to TVLine, Shannon Lucio—you may recognize her as Lindsay Gardner from The O.C.—is joining the cast as April Kelly, a new love interest expected to arrive in the new season's third episode. Don't worry, she's not moving in on Sam or Dean; the writers have set her sights on fallen angel Castiel. 

When news broke it didn't take long for 'Destiel' shippers to express their unhappiness with the new plot development. At the end of last season, Castiel lost his Grace and became mortal. During a Comic Con interview, Misha Collins teased that his on-screen persona will endure the "whole gamut of the human experience" as a result of his new situation. Does that include getting it on with a human woman? Perhaps!

As fans of the show know, angels aren't able to truly feel emotions (though Castiel has gradually exhibited more humanity than his fellow angels). Now that he is mortal and able to access his feelings, fans were no doubtedly hoping that the sexual tension between Castiel and Dean would bubble over into some steamy scenes. But based on this casting news, Destiel shippers will have to wait a bit longer for that fantasy to come to life. Until then, there's always fanfiction.


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