6 Cheap Fall Dates For Couples

Cheap Fall Date Night Ideas For Couples

Sticking to a budget doesn't mean you have to skimp out on romance!

The trees are orange and red, the leaves are starting to fall all over your yard, Halloween candy is in the stores — it's fall! The most lovely time of the year, in my opinion. So, how can you make the most of it as a couple?

Try a few fun date ideas that cost next-to-nothing (if not nada!).

$25 — Go to a horror movie fest.
Snag two tickets at a tiny theater’s crazy zombie or exploitation film festival (trust me, there are about a zillion of them in October). Bring your own snacks and cuddle up as you two either laugh hysterically at slow-moving zombies or bite your nails wondering what could possibly happen next in some terrifying flick.
$20 — Go bowling on an off day.
Most bowling alleys have discounted nights each month, particularly on weekdays. Check their websites and calendars to see when the next one is, then plan to go on that day. If the bowling alley has a bar, too, make sure you go during happy hour to double the fun on your cheap date.
$15 — Make each other dinner.
Go to the grocery store, collect ingredients for one of you to make a side dish and one to make a main dish, then cook together at home. You’ll probably be spending less than half the money you would have at a restaurant and you will be able to hear yourselves talk over the dinner table!
$10 — Check out the flea market.
Find a local flea market and hop on over to it with your partner. Each of you can bring $5 and spend it on anything at the flea market as a present to the other, just so long as nobody goes over the $5 limit. When you get home, wrap the little gifts and give them to one another the next day.
$5 — Take fun pics.
Sick of all the Instagramming? Pick up a cheap disposable camera, head to the park and snapshots of each other. No hashtags necessary.
$0 — Go to a brewery.
Love fancy craft beer but hate the prices? Check out a free brewery tour. You’ll likely get samples, but it will be super cool to hang out together in one while you learn about beer regardless.