14 Towns With 'Dirty' Names That Make Us Giggle

14 Dirty Town Names That Make Us Giggle

You may of heard of the faraway lands of Dildo, Canada or F*cking, Austria. But what about the towns in the good ol' USA? Here you can find 14 of the dirtiest, sexiest town names in America, and if they don’t make you giggle, we can't help you. Enjoy!

1. Climax, New York: A little hamlet in the town of Coxsackie (they're kidding, right?). There are also Climaxes in Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan (two of them!), Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

2. Rough and Ready, California: This tiny mining town once voted itself out of the Union, and then back in again.

3. Bumpass, Virginia: Bumpass is actually named for a famed family who lived in the area, from the French, Bon Pas, meaning "good step."

4. French Lick, Indiana: The hometown of famed basketball player Larry Bird.

5. Intercourse, Pennsylvania: The publishers of Eros Magazine once tried to get mailing privileges in this…interestingly named town (mainly for laughs, we guess).

6. Spread Eagle, Wisconsin: This little town gets its moniker from a series of lakes that, from an aerial view, look like the aforementioned bird.

7. Cumming, Georgia: Notable residents of Cumming include musician Zac Brown and actress Kelli Giddish.

8. Beaverlick, Kentucky: Beaverlick was originally spelled Beaver Lick, but came to the modern spelling by 1900.

9. Blue Ball, Ohio: Originally named Guilford, illiterate stagecoach drivers kept missing the town, leading the townsfolk to hang an actual blue ball as a marker. I guess no one saw the joke?

10. Busti, New York: Get your head out of the gutter. It's pronounced bust-eye.

11. Buttzville, New Jersey: As of 2010, this tiny town has only 146 residents. Really, who would move there?

12. Erect, North Carolina: Erect is located near the "North Carolina Pottery Highway" (you thought it would be near something naughty, didn't you?...Me too). 

13. Horneytown, North Carolina: Just a short 26 miles away from Climax, NC!

14. Hookersville, West Virginia: No word on how many of Hookersville's residents actually practice the world's oldest profession.

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