The 9 Things You Should Never (Ever!) Say To A Pregnant Woman

The 9 Things You Should Never (Ever!) Say To A Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is a magical time for a woman. But it's also a time of bodily changes, awkwardness and discomfort. Why would you want to pile on more awkwardness by saying something foolish? That's right, you wouldn't. So read on and learn the nine things that you should never, ever say to a pregnant woman.

"You look like you're about to pop!": No woman wants to hear this. You might as well tell her she's a hippo.

"You're so hungry.": See "hippo" above. It's never a smart move to comment on how much a pregnant woman eats. That's a fast track to getting in trouble.

"Well, when I was pregnant, I INSERT 'HELPFUL' COMMENT": Just tell her she's a bad mother already. That's what you meant, wasn't it? Because that's what she heard.

"That’s just your hormones talking.": No. No it's not. And you're about to find out how much it's not.

"Natural conception, or fertility treatments?": It's not your business, so don't dare ask.

"You know you shouldn't eat XYZ, right?": Again, not your business. Hush.

"You are going to breastfeed, aren't you?": Have you not learned? Mind your own business!

"So-and-so had to have an episiotomy.": Sure, just toss every woman's worst fear into casual conversation. That'll help her sleep at night.

"A surprise, right?": Yep, just take all the magic out of the next nine months.

Screwed up? Here’s are two quick ways to get yourself back in her good graces:

"Honey, from the back, you can't even tell your pregnant.": Yes, some women experience this phenomenon, but not most of them don't. But why let her know she's not in that lucky club?

"You’re glowing!": You know she's sweaty, I know she's sweaty, she knows she's sweaty, but every woman likes to think she glows, so just roll with it. She will.

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