6 Candid Love & Sex Moments Caught On Google Street View!

6 Wildest Moments Caught on Google Street View

Most image on Google Street View are pretty mundane. Streets, cars, buildings. The occasional dude dressed as a horse. But every so often, something special happens. And by special, we mostly mean raunchy. But sometimes sweet moments are captured too, and we've rounded up our favorite silly, sexy, loving moments from Google Street View.



The little car caught sight of these ladies in Amsterdam's famous windows

And this poor girl getting kicked to the curb (literally!) by her boyfriend in Southern California

This little bit of naughtiness going down in Manchester, England

And this street-side proposal in Mountain View, California I hope she said yes!

This guy bringing his new girlfriend home

And the crème de la crème, this couple getting busy on the side of the road in Australia (I kinda love that she's waving, don't you?)