Who Is Matt Nordgren? 5 Facts About Lindsay Lohan's New Boy Toy

Just make it official. It's been seven years in the making already.

Who Is Matt Nordgren? 5 Facts About Lindsay Lohan's New Love

Lindsay Lohan, remaining steadfast on her road to sobriety, made it to her usual front row seat during some ready-to-wear show during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Along with her first-class ticket came her first-class friend? Friend with benefits? Boyfriend? 

Whatever his title, Matt Nordgren has officially piqued our interest. (Wetpaint)

Who is he? Here's Matt's claim to fame in 5 steps:

1. He's a former NFL athlete. Having once been a star player for the University of Texas, Matt went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles for one season before injuring himself, which benched him and his pro career.


2. Have no fear! Matt landed on his feet and made his way to reality TV (as most do), starring in the 2011 Bravo reality show Most Eligible Dallas. The show followed a group of young, hot Dallas singles living it up in the Lone Star State. Missed it? So did I.

3. Thankfully, he has a backup plan. After Nordgren's pro athlete career ended, he went to work for Nordco, Inc, his family's energy business, and started a consulting firm and charitable foundation. Insert applause for helping inner city youths, which may or may not include LiLo.

4. He's made his way around single reality starlets. Previous arm candy includes The Hills' Audrina Patridge and The Bachelor's Vienna Giardi.


5. Matt is a better influence than Dina Lohan. Lindsay and Matt have supposedly been "friends" for about seven years and have an ongoing benefit package/support system whenever they're in LA or NYC together. As she continues to stay sober, he avoids drinking in front of her and (unlike mom) avoids making headlines about alleged DUIs.

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