15 Animals Who Give The Best Breakup Advice

15 Animals Who Give The Best Breakup Advice

Just what you need right now.

So you've just had a breakup. Sorry to hear it. But never fear, because YourTango is here for you, along with 15 of our favorite furry friends, all eager to perk you up. Just hear them out.



Hey girl, it'll be okay
You've still got me
And I'll never leave you
I'll love you forever
And we'll talk every day
I'll bring you chocolate
Cheer you on when you're feeling low
And just generally be there to make it all better
Because I'm adorable
And we both know it
Try to be sad now
He was a tool anyway (look at my cuteness instead)
So let's go get some ice cream
And talk about how fabulous we are



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