Is Andy Cohen Engaged ... To Sean Avery?!

Love: Are Sean Avery & Andy Cohen Engaged?!

Former NHL bad boy Sean Avery is almost as famous for his luck with women as he is for his luck with the puck.

But is Avery about to switch teams? Rumor has it that he's engaged to Andy Cohen, host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. Say what?!

A "source" told The Fame Driven, "I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but Andy Cohen has been dating former NHL star Sean Avery for almost a year and a half now, it will be two years in March. And get this, they are secretly engaged!" The alleged insider went on to add about their supposed love, "There have been rumors for years in the NHL league about Sean Avery's sexuality, but he has always vehemently denied it ... Sean even went as far as to 'date' a beard girlfriend (Elisha Cuthbert), who he was never even remotely into, to cover up him receiving backlash from his NHL teammates and internally in the NHL for being gay."

Well, one part of that is true. The stylish hockey star has previously romanced actress Elisha Cuthbert and model Rachel Hunter, infamously calling both ladies his "sloppy seconds" when they moved on to other pro hockey players. If she were just a beard, would Avery really have been that spiteful post-split?

For what it's worth, the source adds that Avery's engagement to Cohen would help his career and legacy. "Sean thinks that by having an openly gay relationship with another pubic figure such as Andy will give him the title of 'NHL's first openly gay athlete dating a BRAVO Executive,'" the source quipped. (That's a pretty long title.) The spy continued, "Sean is openly gay/bisexual around close friends, but not to the public."

Turns out, if the rumors sound bogus, it's because, well, they are. While Avery posted the above photo on Instagram as a cheeky joke, they're not an item.

Cohen's own dad, Louis, talked to Radar Online about the tales. "That is not accurate information. He is not engaged," Papa Cohen insisted. "Andy told me all these rumors are floating around, but he said it's not true ... Unless he's keeping something from me. But there really is no validity to [engagement] rumors."

Andy's dad also added that he's never even met Sean. "Andy's not dating anyone, to my knowledge. He's just so busy." Still, Mr. Bravo's pops does want a son-in-law someday. "For his own benefit, I'd really like to see him end up with somebody. But that's not really my call!"

The Bravo poster boy kept his response to the stories succinct, saying simply, "Sean Avery is straight."

Sorry, fellas—Sean Avery's not batting for that team!


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