10 Wildest Theme Weddings

10 Wildest Theme Weddings

Everyone's been to that one strange wedding. Maybe the bride rode in on a motorcycle, maybe the groom sang his vows, maybe the entire wedding party was nude. We've all been to a strange wedding or two. But has anyone ever been to a wedding as out there as these?

Disney: Really? You couldn't cram any more princesses into this shot?

Renaissance: Now that takes quite a commitment from a large group of people

Star Wars: What list would be complete without intergalactic nuptials?


And to keep the universe balanced: Star Trek

Clowns: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not sleeping tonight

Zombies: Somehow, not as scary as clowns

Batman and Wonder Woman: Yeah, cuz there's a match that makes sense (sorry, is my inner geek showing?)

Scuba: All you need is one shark, and there goes the reception

Avatar: I’m not actually % clear on what’s going on here, or who is getting married, but it’s kind of awesome.

Skydiving: Okay, there cannot possibly be enough time for this in the air