Raising A Baby? Here Are The 15 Worst Places To Do It

Having a baby? Here are the 15 worst cities for new babies and new parents.

Raising A Baby? Here Are The 15 Worst Cities For Newborns

What's the cost of raising a baby for a year in Santa Cruz? Oh, just $38,800.

And what about Miami, Providence and San Francisco? Well, they're not too far off either.

Taking recently released data from the USDA about the cost of raising kids, our friends at The Daily Beast determined which cities offer a higher cost and lower quality of life for new babies and new parents.

Looking at the cost of a baby's first year in 40 cities across the US, they comparied it to the location's median household wage to figure out what funds would be put toward to baby care. 


Also taken into consideration? The number of doctors nearby, how many kids under five were in the are, commute times for parents and even the number of playgrounds.

See what cities made the list at The Daily Beast: The 15 Worst Cities To Have A Baby, From New York To Miami

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