Exclusive! One Direction's Zayn Malik On His Recent Engagement

"I'm very happy," Zayn gushes to YourTango about popping the question.

Love: One Direction's Zayn Malik On His Recent Engagement

If you're havin' girl problems, we feel bad for you, son.

"One night, I was eating dinner and this girl appeared over my head. Inches from my ear. She was crying and shaking. So I turned around and said, 'Hi, I'm Liam. Can I help you?'" Liam Payne, one-fifth of the wildly successful band One Direction tells YourTango about the perils of being in a boy band. 

While girls go weak in the knees on the regular for Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, one of the fellas is officially off the market. 


At 20, Zain Javadd "Zayn" Malik is engaged to Perrie Edwards of the group Little Mix, also of X Factor fame like 1D. "We're very happy," the smitten heartthrob tells us, while keeping mum about the date, location, and other such wedding details. Still, he's not shy to discuss the other leading lady in his life—his mum—and that time he bought her a house!

YourTango: Why aren't your girlfriends in the film?
Louis: Our girlfriends weren't edited out. When we had a week at home, our girlfriends were with us. They weren't on camera.

YourTango: Congrats, Zayn, on your engagement. How are you feeling these days?
Zayn: I'm very happy, but want to keep the rest private. But we're very happy.


YourTango: What's the craziest thing a girl has done to profess her love?
Last week, I was at a musical festival and a girl jumped up on my back to get my attention. She wanted an autograph and a piggy back ride.

YourTango: What is your deal breaker on a first date?
Don't be late. Nobody likes tardy people. Give me a 15 minute window of being early. And don't spit. You know, girls spit when they're driving down a street, too. If I ever see a girl spitting, well, that's gross.
Niall: I hate it when a girl has one of those ridiculous, annoying laughs. Aghhhh! It's just annoying.

YourTango: When did you first feel famous?
Harry: I stopped at a Petro Station and a girl asked if she could take a picture. So it began.
Niall: We left Radio City Music Hall and literally thousands of girls were waiting outside. Our car couldn't move—and they were banging hard on the windows.

YourTango: What did you want with this film?
Harry: We knew what kind of film we wanted to make. We didn't want anything scripted. This film needed to be a way to really get the story across to the fans and tell them who we are as a band. This is an all access pass. No restrictions.


YourTango: What was it like watching your movie for the first time?
Harry: It was wicked. I think it was nerve-racking. We saw a couple of cuts before it was finished. Then you go into a screening and it's final. You know it's done. You can't make changes. We knew this was how everyone will see it.

YourTango: What moves you in the movie?
Louis: It was hard to watch my Dad say all he can do is take me to a pub. I cry every time I see that scene. Bless him.

YourTango: Zayn, you bought your mum a house. What was that like for you emotionally?
Zayn: It's really moving and makes me cry when you see her reaction. I'll have that on tape forever now.

YourTango: Are you really big pranksters?
Harry: We prank our team. We like stealing stuff from them, but it's just pretty crime. We'll tape a door closed.  Stuff like that.


YourTango: What is the best life advice you've ever received?
Niall: The best advice came from my mum and Simon who both said just do your best because it's the best you can do.
Zayn: Somebody said something quite wise to me. They said the key to this job in this band is to stop searching for perfection. Search for simplicity.

YourTango: Are you role models?
Liam: We're trying to achieve world peace. Seriously, I suppose we come under the grain as role models. It is a responsibility. It's very nice to have that kind of power. We can raise money for charities and give back.

YourTango: What was it like to have your families on film?
Louis: At first, our families were like, "We don't want to do it." Then it became, "Can I get a close up?" It's nice for them to get their point across.

YourTango: Will someone leave the band?
Harry: Historically, in every band, one will leave. It happens every time. But this is a group. We're far too busy for anyone to think about leaving.
Niall: I won't be in One Direction when I'm 60, but I am in this band now, which is great.


YourTango: What is normal life like at home?
Harry: Sleeping and hanging out with my family.

YourTango: Talk about your new album.
Liam: The way we recorded it on the road was hard. But writing the songs came easy and I'm not saying that in an arrogant way. The songs just came together.
Louis: We've been lucky that the people who write with us have loads of experience. We learn from them and try to get better. We've progressed and we're proud of this album.

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