Obsessed With Christian Grey? It's Not Your Fault

Feeling the power to please someone, like in the '50 Shades' series, creates oxytocin. Who knew?

Dating Expert John Gray On Your Christian Grey Obsession [VIDEO]

Women are attracted to dangerous men, in real life and to literary characters like '50 Shades' heartthrob Christian Grey. It's a common theme, made popular once more by the 50 Shades series: women love bad boys who don't emotionally fulfill their needs. Why is this? Have you ever had this problem?


Relationship Expert and YourTango partner John Gray sat down to talk about the reality behind this phenomenon. Check out the video above to discover why unbalanced relationships can actually create addictive-like behaviors. You'll never look at Christian Grey the same way again!

The reason might surprise you: it's scientific!