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Dealbreakers: 5 Unexpected Habits That Lead To Breakups

Dealbreakers: The 5 Unexpected Habits That Lead To Breakups

We all have our dating dealbreakers. From bad hygiene to a low credit score, the list goes on (and sometimes, on). But what about those breakup worthy traits your partner has when you're already in a relationship?

According to a study by SKYCIG, 55 percent of women would leave their man over little annoyances and habits. What behavior, aside from the obvious offenders, like lying and cheating, is just so irritating that you'd call it quits?

Take a look at the list below of the most annoying habits that ruin relationships and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

1. Smoking
A big dealbreaker for people before they get into relationships, smoking is also one — the biggest one — for people who are already in relationships. Remember in Sex And The City when Aidan found out Carrie was sneaking cigarettes and accused her of "cheating" on him? Well, technically she was having an affair, but regardless, her smoking addiction was a big enough issue that he made her promise she'd quit or he couldn't be with her. And he's not alone. Sixty-four percent of men and women agree: The smell of smoke and watching their loved one harm their health every day is the top breakup-worthy habit.

2. Never Listening
What'd you say? After smoking, not listening came in as the second biggest dealbreaker for couples. It's a bad habit that affects how both of you behave. How can you really communicate if you're not paying attention to the other person?

3. Poor Money Management
You've heard "it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean" before. Well, the same principle applies for 22 percent of people, who said poor money managment is a reason to call it quits. And, it makes sense, too. Contrary to popular belief, women aren't looking for splurgers. How you handle your money says a lot about how much self-control you have — and you handle other things in your life. Plus, there's new research to back it up: money savers are actually sexier than spenders.

4. Laziness
Would you end it with your significant other for being a couch potato? Nineteen percent of people surveyed would. Like many other traits, lacking motivation and ambition extends into other areas of your partner's life — and yours.

5. Hogging The Remote
Here's a shocking one. For 15 percent of people, ownership over the TV is their partner's most irritating habit. Sure, it's annoying, but it seems like an easy fix. No one wants the Real Housewives to come between their relationship.

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