Exclusive! Jennifer Aniston's Stripper Body Secret: Ice Chips!

After seeing that on-camera striptease, Jennifer Aniston gets real with us about her insane body.

Celebrity Sex: Jennifer Aniston On Getting Into Stripper Shape

That ring is the thing! The rumored 8-carat stunner courtesy of fiancé Justin Theroux is the first thing you notice when you talk to Jennifer Aniston in person.

When she spots you staring at that giant rock (and how can you stop?), Aniston drops her head and produces a shy smile.

Jen looks gorgeous in a grey dress, telling us about We're The Millers, her latest flick in which she plays a stripper pretending to be a mom while en route to Mexico with her fake family to complete a drug heist.


And did we mention she does a (hotter than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike?) striptease in the movie?

YourTango: Congratulations of your engagement.
Jennifer Aniston: I'm very happy. Very happy.

YourTango: Give us some body tips. How did you get in shape for We're The Millers?
Jennifer Aniston: It's not just a few tips. It's a lot of tips. Actually, we don't have time for the full answer.

YourTango: Come on!
Jennifer Aniston: No food. Just kidding. Basically, I ate a lot of celery sticks. A lot of salad. I do love to eat ice chips. Water is good. Actually, I could eat, but no carbs.

YourTango: When you gave yourself a break, what did you eat?
Jennifer Aniston: I really missed my taco chips and salsa, but in life and when you play a stripper, you have to allow yourself a once a week treat. The calorie spike will do you good.


YourTango: Tell us about your character.
Jennifer Aniston: I think she's a sad stripper who has built up this sad exterior from being disappointed many times in her life and making bad men choices. I thought of her as maybe a classically trained dancer who didn't quite make it. Her rage is sadness turned outward.

YourTango: What was it like working with Jason Sudeikis?
Jennifer Aniston:
There wasn't a lot of improv. We stuck to the script most of the time. But I did have Jason Sudeikis and he's a great partner in volleying. We just had to try not to laugh, which was tough.

YourTango: Did you watch real strippers perform for tips on your stripping scene?
Jennifer Aniston: They had to drag me out of that strip club every night. Kidding. There was an amazing choreographer and a wonderful trainer. It also helped that I got some great Eros underwear for my big strip scene. I learned some really crazy moves and now I have a stripper pole at my house. Me and Paris Hilton have one. And Kate Hudson.

YourTango: You do a sexy, but clothed (underwear and bra) strip scene in a garage. Were you nervous?
Jennifer Aniston: I call it the auto body scene because everyone refers to their strip scene by location. To get the courage, we rolled cameras and I had to bite the bullet. It was uncomfortable at first. I was doing rehearsals alone with the choreographer and then all of a sudden, I was on the set with the crew. It was a little intimidating at first.


YourTango: You have another scene where a woman makes out with you a bit. She grabs your breast. Were you OK with that scene?
Jennifer Aniston: All of it was 100 percent kosher and comfortable. I wished it went on longer. I'm pretty easy, but knowing her [the other actress] made it more comfortable.

YourTango: The film is about people becoming a family. Did you know it would have that much heart?
Jennifer Aniston: They basically find their family out of this crazy situation. They find the soft spot in each other and find partnerships. Isn't that what everyone is looking for in life? We all want companionship in life.

YourTango: What did you think of your suburban mom clothes?
Jennifer Aniston:
I hated those horrible capri pants and those little Ked sneakers. It was pretty easy to go into Rose Miller just with the wardrobe. They always say it starts with your shoes. Actors say that—and Nike.

YourTango: In the film, you teach your fake teen son how to really give a great kiss. What's the secret?
Jennifer Aniston:
It will remain a secret [laughs]. It was bizarre scene to film with your movie son, but we laughed our way through it.


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