6 Hot Books All About Sex Toys

Self-Love: 6 Books On Sex Toys

Written by Luke Dempsey for Bookish

According to Debby Herbenick, a researcher at both Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute, most women and nearly half the men in America have used vibrators. More AAA-battery power to them, we say. For those of you for whom a rabbit isn't just a cute furry animal with big ears, we look at the history and, erm, application of sex aids. So lie back, relax, and ... oh, right. Books. Got it.

1. Because It Feels Good
Author and sexpert (she runs the blog, Debby Herbenick has written several guides to female pleasure. Her 2009 book, "Because it Feels Good," has a chapter devoted to sex toys, but looks at the macro issue of making sure that sex is pleasurable above all else (if only that went without saying).

2. The Technology of Orgasm
Rachel Maines has written a scholarly account of the development of vibrators, which came out of the "medical" need to stimulate "hysterical" women, a job Victorian doctors especially found distasteful. In The Technology of Orgasm, Maines dismisses today's phallic model, by the way, arguing for something that has an angle for the correct application, and can be plugged in.

3. The Big Book of Sex Toys
Former Village Voice "Pucker Up" columnist and sex educator Tristan Taormino has created a sex-toy bible, The Big Book of Sex Toys, including things like the double-ender — perfect for her and her, or him and him, or her and him — and wearable vibrators that don't limit the pleasure to evenings and weekends (if you ever wondered why your co-worker smiles all day, now you know).

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