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Moving On: Why Women Deal With Divorce Better Than Men

Moving On: Why Women Deal With Divorce Better Than Men

The dissolution of a marriage is rarely a happy occurrence. From the costs of lawyers to the paperwork, the split of everything you've ever bought, the difficulties facing couples with children — it's enough to drive you crazy until, and even after, it's over. But who deals with it better: men or women? According to one study, it's the latter.

Although women tend to suffer more money-wise after a divorce, it seems that men are the ones who are less able to deal with the situation. The study requested answers from 10,000 people between 16-60 regarding their emotions after dealing with serious life changes. The respondents revealed women were significantly happier with their lives five years after their failed marriage.

So, why are men less able to deal with this type of separation? According to YourTango relationship expert Teresa Atkin, while men seem to remarry before women, the women wind up coping with their emotions sooner — as one of her clients said, "men replace, women mourn."

Atkin believes that women are more apt to seek assistance for their emotions regarding divorce: "Women typically have a group of friends who rally round them for support, and they are more likely to seek out therapy, and more likely to attend a support group."

The more people who can assist you in your life, whether it's giving serious advice or just hanging out to watch happy movies with you when you feel awful, the more quickly you learn ways to cope.

So, how can men better cope with their divorces? Atkin says that there are plenty of ways, fortunately! In her experience, "men who join groups revolving around activities often do better," as it allows them to detach from being exclusively connected in an emotional way to one other person — as many men in marriages are.

Expressing your emotions when it comes to such a trying, painful time is incredibly important. It's integral to recovery to get the support you need, so whether you're a man or a woman, just remember that rather than locking your stress and feelings inside, it's best to deal with them now in order to set the stage for a happier tomorrow.

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