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Despite Stereotypes, Women Are Just As Likely To Cheat As Men

Cheating Partner

We hear it all the time, guys cheating on their girlfriends. Men are scum, they only think with their member. There are countless girl power anthems about kicking your scrub boyfriend to the curb, but recently scientists beg to differ that it's just a male issue. They studied the mating habits of monkeys and came up with proof that all humans used to be non-monogamous. When men and women evolved into a monogamous species, they did it at the same time, proving that men and women are not wired differently. 

For the sake of mankind, men and women evolved to be monogamous so they could raise the children together and the men would protect their own.

In case that's not shocking enough, recent studies say that women are even more likely to cheat than men. Interesting!

Do you think men and women are more monogamous or non-monogamous?

Let us know and read the juicy details of the study over at The Stir: Women Are Just as Likely to Cheat as Men Despite What Guys Might Say

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