8 Totally Normal Excuses For Your Sex Dry Spell

8 Totally Normal Excuses For Your Sex Dry Spell

When was the last time that you ... you know?

Frustrated in the bedroom? You're not alone. Sexual droughts happen to everyone and yet, after crawling into bed (without getting lucky) night after night, you start to panic and wonder: Is this normal? Does this mean our relationship is on the rocks? Will I ever get my sex life back?

From having a newborn baby to switching to a new birth control, which can change sex drive (ironic, huh? I mean, didn't you go on birth control to improve your sex life in the first place?), our friends at The Stir take a deeper look at some of the more excusable changes in life circumstances that can cause your bedroom to be a little less ... well, exciting.

Have you gone through a sexual dry spell? Don't be afraid to share in the comments below!

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