The War On Texas Women: Why An Unwanted-Baby Boom Is Inevitable

Women's rights in Texas are becoming even more restrictive.

Pregnant Woman

Women's reproductive health is currently in great danger in Texas.

If the GOP gets their way with their anti-abortion bill, they will force 37 of the Texas' 42 clinics to shut down. While Wendy Davis blocked this massive abortion bill, Governor Perry called another special session to eliminate most of the providers. In addition to shutting down clinics, GOP leaders are preventing any possibility of sex education, because it gets young people "hot and bothered," and they plan to eliminate government funding for contraception. With such restrictive measures, experts say the second-most populous state is doomed with a major baby boom.


The state's health commission is projecting a drastic rise in pregnancies, predicting 24,000 extra unplanned births in the next two years.

With all those unplanned births, it will cost taxpayers $273 million in Medicaid costs.

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