13 Lies 'The Bachelorette' Told Me About Love

13 Lies 'The Bachelorette' Told Me About Love

Have you noticed that your dating life has changed recently? Are you continually disappointed and find your expectations are never met?

Warning: You may have a case of Bachelorette-itus. You know, where you watch so much of The Bachelorette that you loose sight of what dating in the real world is really about.

Read on to discover how the show has duped us all with their true love and right reasons bull. 

If a single girl walks into a room of 25 single guys, they're all going to want to date her:

If a single girl walks into a room of 25 single guys, one of them is definitely 'The One':

There's no such thing as a woman who is 30+ and happily single:

All of your potential love interests will look like potential underwear models:

It's completely normal for a guy to propose to you after two months:

Guys aren't scared off by kids:

Any engagement ring smaller than 3 carats just isn't acceptable: 

You will always have several guys fighting over you at all times:

Every first date will involve a helicopter to an exotic location, repelling down a building, and a private concert:

Gimmickslike introducing yourself with a rap, or even oh, wearing a maskwill get you far in a relationship:

Anything you want to do on a date—no matter how extreme (sharks, cliffs, caves, freezing water)—no dude will ever refuse:

It's perfectly normal—not creepy—for a guy (or more than a dozen) to quit his job in order to date you:

If your dating life doesn't involve a massive amount of drama, there's something wrong:

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