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9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Mama's Boy

mama's boy

So you've been going out for a while now, but something seems a little off with your man. Something is definitely…different. Careful, you might have yourself a mama's boy. Check out the following warning signs.

1. He calls her every day.

2. She cooks 50%+ of his meals.

3. She is at his home more than you (and you are there a lot).

4. Or (even worse) he still lives at home.

5. He compares you to his mother…out loud.

6. His mother’s opinion comes even before his, or yours.

7. He throws a fit over the tiniest disagreement.

8. Mama still pays his bills

9. And guess who does his laundry!

Hey, at least you know he’s nice to his mom.

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