Hot Reads: 10 Books Guaranteed To Get You Picked Up

Hot Reads: 10 Books Guaranteed To Get You Picked Up

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Anyone can borrow their friend's puppy for the day and walk around a crowded park waiting for throngs of oglers to descend, but it takes a certain subtlety and finesse to attract someone with a book. What you're reading says, in so many words (har), who you are: what you're interested in, what you like to think about, what you want from life and more.

Which books have the strongest magnetic pull? We at Bookish like to think that reading of any sort is sexy, but there are some volumes that are arguably more fetching than others. We've put together a list of books that are likely to pique romantic curiosity. From literary touchstones to no-holds-barred sex manifestoes, here are 10 conversation-starting books that can give you a leg up in the dating game.

1. Dubliners

The book that says: I'm deep and brooding (in a sexy way).

Why exactly people are drawn to tortured-soul types is a mystery, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't capitalize on the phenomenon. If you're reading James Joyce's collection of short stories, "Dubliners," it signifies that you're willing to follow your appetite for great literature and keen psychological insight to terrifically dreary places — down the wind-battered streets of Dublin, through its dim and fetid pubs and into the minds of its many desperate, disgruntled characters.

Bonus points if you: have book open to the collection's most famous story — naturally entitled "The Dead."

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