7 Ways To Make Your Sex Life Hilarious (And Why That's Healthy!)

7 Ways To Make Your Sex Life Hilarious (And Why That's Healthy)
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You don't have to be a comedian to add some LOL to your sex life: It will deepen your intimacy.

Laughter is very sexy—particularly in the bedroom. Is your sex life full of silly fun? If not, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to bring you and your partner closer together. Laughing shows you are willing to release inhibitions, let down your guard, and let go of unhealthy tensions. In addition, when you laugh you become present—living in the moment—inviting connection and creating the space for deeper intimacy.

Interestingly, laughter and sex produce similar physical reactions—both increasing body temperature and leaving you feeling warm, wonderful, and totally relaxed. So why not bring some silliness into the bedroom to bond in new and powerful ways?

Here are a few ideas to get the giggling going:

1. Try a new position that rivals Cirque du Soleil.

2. Try body painting, and find your partner's ticklish spots!

3. Play naked Twister with some naughty new rules.

4. Roll some dirty dice (one with body parts and the other with actions—easily found online).

5. Do the tango wearing nothing but a red rose in your teeth.

6. Play charades making funny faces and motions.

7. Use your limitless imagination!

Unfortunately, many people try to avoid funny situations fearing they might look foolish or be laughed at or rejected. The truth is, when you hold yourself in check, wanting to look perfect, afraid of what your partner will say or do, you put up an invisible wall that creates separation—the opposite of what you and your relationship should desire to attain. When you are worried about what the other person thinks, you have this swirl of anxious thoughts that keeps you closed off. Why not open up to having some fun and trying new things? It will allow your significant other to see another side of you as well as bring fresh sparks to your sex life. Keep reading...


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